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  • VICPAR S.A. is a civil engineering company that exists for the entrepreneurship, strength and vision of a man who sought to realize his dreams, to initially provide sustainability to his family and that with the passage of time and achievements has generated work and welfare to his collaborators and, achieving the satisfaction of customers and supporting the economy of our country.
  • VICPAR S.A. by 2027 will be a leading civil engineering company in Colombia and abroad, for its strength and diversification, with a committed competent and capable staff, generating value to customers, collaborators and shareholders contributing to the growth of the country.
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    Social Responsibility Policy

    Transportation Policy and Road Safety

    Integrated Management Policy

    Code of Business Ethics

OUR history

VICPAR was not born on the day of its constitution. Like the great works, it existed first as the hope of a Colombian man who for more than twenty years made an effort to conquer his dreams;

He worked in the middle of civil works, fighting to have his own business until he got his first machine and started hiring excavations and transport of materials at the end of the sixties.

It was then, in 1988, that it became necessary to establish legal personality.

From a difficult and threatening reality he managed to sustain himself and progress, convinced that the obstacles could be overcome and in doing so he grew his position in the market..

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